31 August, 2010

E for Etro

I love Etro's FW collection for it's lengthy peaks at '30s silhouettes, extravagant travels, and opulent eccentricity.

 There were mandarin collars on dresses, and the rather lengthy set included classic pieces like a great suit, a sharply tailored coat, pencil skirts, trousers and satin dresses.

Textures & Prints: There were lots of silk, satin rich prints, animal prints like leopard and zebra, and the many different types of prints, textures, colours were all meant to clash beautifully.

Emphasized Pieces: Charcoal tights, flapper shappes in dresses, 40s southern european housedresses shapes, safari-esque autumn suits, statement bracelets, necklaces jewellery, slim tailored pants in camel, slim charcoal coats, pencil skirts with delicately folding tights.

Simply judging from this collection, I know I've got to get my hands on:
-A pair of tailored black ankle pants. This pair from J.Crew works beautifully.
-A brassy-gold tribal necklace
-Silver patterned black tights. These are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
-Some drapey satin dresses, which I would winterize.

27 August, 2010

D for Dries Van Noten

 The Dries Van Noten collection is an ode to a militaristic fusion of '50s silhouettes with a nod to '60s war zone detailing. I can't stop gabbing about Dries, I know, and it gets tiring to some after a while but he's got a way of presenting his collection in an evergreen, classic style, although his individual pieces are not.

It's in this individuality that sets his style apart from others in my eyes. I love that I can flip through high end editorials and not see 'The Dries Woman' covered to death. It's hard get his style down without covering it to the tee.

I adore the New Look silhouette dress under a hapless charcoal blazer, so much so that I want to pull out my Alberta Ferretti dress and pair it with my own wool blazer the second it cools down enough. The focus on non-glamourous colours, like camel, grey(of course) and black easily intellectualizes the collection without making it appear aged, since it's combined with textures and vivid prints. Personally, I just love his liberal use of greys.

25 August, 2010

Chic gadgets for Tech Cases: Part II

Cole Haan Kindle DX Hand-Stained White Patent Crocodile Print Cover ($140, View

 Kroo Black Vertical Classic Netbook Case ($50, View)

And More...

RexRegina Nouveau Harrison Blackberry Case ($50 in Croc Leather & Sand Pebble Grain Leather, View)

...And For your Uber XX Chromosomes

Diane Von Furstenberg Kallie Leather Kindle Clutch ($165, View)

Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase Bag ($158, View)

23 August, 2010

Chic Cases for Tech Gadgets

 It's cool to be a geek these days, especially with the downpour of portable technologies one doesn't want to be left behind without a dabble into the enticing world of smart phones, tablet computers, and e-readers. Here are a few chic accessories to give your digital accessories an imprint of your iconic taste.

The Minimalist

Cool Bananas Netbook Envelope Case ($29 in Black, White or Brown leather, View

 Kroo Orange Reveal Lady's Notebook Bag ($33, Black Leather, View)

OCTOVO Faux Leather Slip Cover ($25, View)

And More...

AB Sutton Simple Slip Custom iPhone Case ($88, View)  

Eco-Friendly and Handmade
Eco-Flip for Amazon Kindle 2  ($40, View)

  Handmade Lisa Roy iPhone/iPod/Blackberry Case ($25 on Etsy, View)
 Handmade iPad Case ($28 on Etsy, View)

 Handmade Vintage Bicycle on Stripes laptop bag ($48 on Etsy, View)

And More...

Vers Wood iPhone Case ($40 available as a Shell or a Slipcase in Cherry, Walnut and Bamboo, View)


Guardian Case for Amazon Kindle ($80, View)

Built Laptop Sleeve 15'' ($35, View)

Will Canvas and Leather Surplus Backpack ($258, View)

And More...

Nike + iPod Sport Kit ($29, View)
OtterBox 1933 L2 Weather Resistant Case ($50, View)

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow, where I'lll be covering 'Classic' and 'Girly' gadget accessory styles.

21 July, 2010

C for Cacharel

Metamorphosis is one word that comes to mind when viewing the Cacharel Fall/Winter collection in detail. The show begins with a dark palette with nary a bright colour anywhere. Soon enough you begin to get a peek of a flaming bright print here and there, under a belted ebony coat and peaking out on a collar.

Although it seems like they took a slump there, for the few last seasons, I'm ever so glad to see them bounce back, and do they ever! It seems like Cedric Charlier, Cacharel's newest lead designer has been surrounding himself with classic bohemian literature and trips to dusty, old libraries for inspiration. Although hemlines are short for Cacharel's background, one could easily envision a quirky, bespeckled in Cacharel from head to toe.

My quirky side is lusting over this collection and I can't wait a second to get my hot hands on the beaded collar coat and a perfect floral swing skirt.